Shop surveillance

Oh, for crying out loud. Shopping centres can monitor people’s movements by tracking their mobile phones. The technology could “identify unauthorised individuals”.





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  1. mupwangle

    A bigger worry. Ever looked at cell-triangulation on your iphone? Accurate? Not really. Bigger cities are better because of a higher number of cells (because of big buildings getting in the way). But there is a move towards femtocells – lots of little, low power, base stations in lampposts or in people’s houses. If this is the norm then the mobile networks would be able to track you whenever your phone is powered to within about 3 feet. Also, unlike this path thingy, it will not be anonymous as they have a database of IMEI numbers and customer records. So they will know precisely where you are as well as who you are. Tie that with CCTV and there will be no populated area in which you can’t be tracked. Note that mobile phones are getting more difficult to switch off too. (Boot times are increasing tenfold and phones like the iphone are difficult to switch off.)