Keystone cops prevent perfectly legal photography

Number one, on Boing Boing:

Security goons, store-clerks and police officers detained Flickr user “i didn’t mean to go to Stoke” for taking photos in the outdoor, pedestrianized area of Middlesbrough, UK

Meanwhile in London, the PCSO (aka Keystone Cops or “not cops at all”) try to stop someone filming (video link).

There are places you can’t legally photograph or film without permission – privately owned property, such as shopping malls, airports and train stations – but shooting in the street is perfectly legal.

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  1. Are those idiots community wardens or something similar? They’re certainly not full-time coppers.

    Really good video though.

  2. Gary

    No, they’re not real cops – although they think they are. Private Eye has run numerous articles detailing them throwing their (illegal) weight around. Basically PCSOs are pretend cops who get four weeks training, have no powers of arrest and have no authority to investigate crime. You are perfectly entitled to tell them to fuck off, basically.

    More here…