Serious anti-spam

If any of your feed readers get weird results accessing this blog in the next wee while, can you let me know? I’ve installed some heavy-duty anti-spam stuff on the blog to cut down on comment/trackback spam and site scraping.





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  1. Erm, I wasn’t getting any feed (yesterday and today) but now it’s back. If that’s any help.

  2. Grosie

    After all posts on the feed, there is a small image saying:

    Is this something wrong, or the anti-spam stuff?

  3. Gary

    Antileech is one of the plugins – it collects user agent strings (via the image, I think), and you can then specify which ones get fake content. Haven’t activated that bit of it yet. It’s basically an anti-scraper thing.

    Tony, the site was broken for a lot of yesterday – hosting firm upgrading their servers with the usual disastrous consequences – but I’m told it’s okay now.

  4. Gary

    Are you old-school, reading blogs on the actual web?

  5. I am. Don’t like RSS. I can see its advantages, but they ain’t for me.

  6. Gary

    I’d never get anything read if it weren’t for RSS. Not the sexiest tech ever invented but by god, it’s one of the most useful.

  7. I just like all the pretty colours. For me, design is an indispensible part of the Web.

    Thing is, with cheap bandwidth and tabbed browsers, why doesn’t someone combine the two? You could have a single browser window sitting in the background with all the latest posts from wherever in it. I’d love that.

  8. Gary

    There’s a firefox extension that does that – Sage. Basically an in-browser RSS reader, and a very good one at that.

  9. Oh, cool. I might try it. Thanks.

  10. tm

    Is there a URL for that or is it available on the Mozilla add-ons page?

    The main reason I avoid RSS is my determination not to have to run yet another piece of software…

  11. tm

    never mind, found it..

  12. Gary

    If you use multiple computers, I’d strongly recommend a web-based RSS reader so you’re up to date from wherever you connect. I use (and love) newsgator online, but there’s also Google Reader, Bloglines etc etc etc. Big advantage of those is they’re accessible from pretty much anything. iPhone version of Newsgator is particularly good.

    Here’s the newsgator link:

  13. I like Sage. But, my one problem with it is that you can’t get the synchronisation of something like Newsgator across machines. Using Foxmarks to synchronise your bookmarks (and reading from the ‘Sage Feeds’ folder) you can get various machines to be read the same stuff, but not record what has been viewed.

    (This is probably very obvious to anyone with a basic grasp of RSS. Hey, there’s someone here actually interested in xml, we leave that to him.)