Pathetic, I know

When you blab about things for a living you occasionally float briefly into the orbit of famous people – so you’ll interview a famous writer, or the drummer from a famous band, or someone else your mum might actually have heard of. If you do radio, you’ll often meet celebs of all kinds – the Still Game chaps, or Travis, or up-and-coming musicians, or celebrity chefs. It’s all good fun, and my days of being star-struck are long gone.


Pathetic, I know, but the other morning I was leaving the BBC and spotted Rab and Ryan filming an episode of VideoGaiden, a program I’m quite unhealthily obsessed with. I’m very glad they were on-camera when I was nearby, because it prevented me from running up and going OH MY GOD YOU’RE THE VIDEOGAIDEN GUYS YOU’RE DEAD FUNNY LET’S ALL GO TO THE PUB and having a heart attack, or something.

I’m not proud of this.