Insanely expensive speaker cable isn’t any better than a coat hanger

There’s a nice post on Consumerist about those expensive high-end speaker cables that will apparently transform your stereo’s sound:

Seven different songs were played, each time heard with the speaker hooked up to Monster Cables, and the other time, hooked up to coat hanger wire. Nobody could determine which was the Monster Cable and which was the coat hanger. The kicker? None of the subjects even knew that coat hangers were going to be used.

As one of the commenters notes, the only time you really need heavy duty audio cables is when you’re jumping around on stage playing an instrument. Then, ultra-cheap cables are a false economy.



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0 responses to “Insanely expensive speaker cable isn’t any better than a coat hanger”

  1. Couldn’t this simply demonstrate that coathanger wire makes really good speaker cable?

  2. Gary

    Heh, it could.

    Did anyone ever take James Randi up on the speaker cable thing?

  3. Vera Drake

    I’ve been extolling the virtues of coat hangers for years.

  4. Gary

    I shouldn’t laugh at that, but of course I did.

  5. Crikey, how did you make that kickass customised header with this template? Share the tech, man!

  6. Gary

    the tech is known in the trade as Ronnie :)

  7. Yeah, well, if I read your poxy blog I’d have known that :)

  8. Gary

    I’m far too polite to point such things out.