There’s no evidence for it, but it’s a scientific fact: the woman who makes lights flicker when she’s sexually aroused

Slow news day

Street lamps flicker when she passes, TVs change channels when she walks into a room and she sends electronic clocks haywire.

Debbie Wolf claims she is one of Britain’s growing army of “sliders” – people who believe their presence causes havoc with household appliances, radios and light bulbs.

Her bizarre abilities, dubbed by paranormal experts “Street Light Interference” syndrome or SLI, don’t just make life a nuisance for Debbie, they have earned her international fame.

…Sceptics say SLI is purely wishful thinking and coincidence – and has yet to be demonstrated by Debbie or anyone else in a controlled laboratory experiment.

But if Debbie and her fellow “electric people” are proved right, scientists will have to re-write all the known rules of physics.

If the only proof you need to get a story like this printed is your own-say so, perhaps we should sell our own real-life spooky stories to the Mail? I’ve instructed my agent to see what they’ll pay for “The spooky speccy Scot who can make magic monkeys fly out of his arse”.