Panasodding camcorders

If you’re thinking about getting a cheap camcorder and you’re using Leopard, beware: I’m having huge problems with my El Cheapo Panasonic camera. It uses Mini DVD, which means I can’t play the discs in my Macs (they’re all slot-loading drives), so I need to connect it via USB.

Unfortunately Leopard doesn’t like Panasonic’s files (they’re .VRO format, I think) and Panasonic’s Mac software doesn’t like Leopard. So while I can connect the camera to my Mac, I can’t do anything with the video unless I convert it in MPEG Streamclip and shell out real cash money for Apple’s QuickTime MPEG plugin. Damn, blast and arse.





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  1. Gary

    Cheers – will check it out.

  2. Will iMovie not just import the footage? I know it grabs stuff without any worries from my parent’s JVC DV camcorder.

  3. Gary

    No, iMovie doesn’t recognise it – it’s USB, not Firewire, which may or may not be a factor.

    Something I hadn’t even considered – I could always plug it into the PC. Just can’t be arsed :)