I am not a freeloading backpacker, says freeloading backpacker

A nice story in The Times:

Mark Boyle was a man with a dream. He was so convinced that a world without the evils of money is possible that he set out to walk from Britain to India without spending a penny in order to prove it.

As the report notes:

The former head of an organic food company is part of the Freeconomy movement, which wants to rid the world of money altogether.

Unfortunately he barely made it to mainland Europe. The French weren’t keen on giving Mr Boyle and his companions any freebies. They were cold. They were hungry. They came home again.

According to Mr Boyle:

“Not only did no one…speak the language, they also see us as just a bunch of freeloading backpackers, which is the complete opposite of what the pilgrimage is really about.”

And Gary looked from the news to The Onion, and from The Onion to the news, and from the news to The Onion again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.