EU finally does something to improve the quality of life

New EU rules could have a devastating effect on people’s ability to buy fireworks:

As part of the change, people will be told to retire at least 26ft after lighting a firework, as opposed to the current 16ft – effectively ruling out many displays at home.

But Tom Smith added: “Many people will no longer be able to use fireworks as they haven’t got 26ft of space in their gardens.”

As much as I hate unnecessary governmental meddling in people’s lives, the people round these parts who buy fireworks are ignorant, dog-frightening, baby-waking bastards. So they won’t be able to celebrate the fact it’s Tuesday by blowing things up for an hour? Oh, boo hoo.

/ thinks people who let off fireworks when it isn’t 5th November should be classified as terrorists and treated accordingly. Or at least tortured.

/may be in a bad mood tonight