Baby food and air travel

These are the rules on taking baby food in your carry-on luggage, from the Department of Transport:

Liquid baby food or sterilised water, sufficient for the journey, can be taken through airport security.  The accompanying adult will be required to verify by tasting.

The sensible thing, then, would be to make a parent sample one carton or bottle, randomly selected by security. But what actually happens – at least, what happens at Glasgow and Belfast International airports – is this: when you’re carrying cartons of ready-made baby formula, the adult will have to decant *every single sealed carton* into bottles, tasting each and every carton.

It’s not that formula is minging, although it is; it’s that the cartons state (and pretty much every baby book says) that ready-made formula *must* be discarded if it hasn’t been consumed within an hour of opening*. But, hey! Only terrorists want their kids to have uncontaminated food!

For fuck’s sake.

* Personally I think the 1-hour thing is balls, but that’s what the manufacturers, and the doctors, and the baby experts say.