8 thoughts on “…and this is where we keep the corpse

  1. Squander Two says:

    “He was shaking and asked for a stiff brandy. He could hardly put into words what he had seen, other than to say he and the agent were horrified.

    “Everyone was stunned to hear about it.

    “It goes without saying that it put him off buying the house.”

    Brilliant. Never lose sight of the big picture.

  2. Squander Two says:

    Oh, it gets better.

    “The whole road was very shocked. You don’t expect one of your neighbours to commit suicide, particularly in those circumstances.”

    What circumstances? When the house is on the market?

  3. Gary says:

    It’s like the story of the murdered model – the accused has said “sure, I had sex with her corpse, but I didn’t kill her. That would be crazy!”

  4. Squander Two says:

    Yeah, I saw that one. It’s the reductio absurdam of the “it was censensual” rape defense.

    Mind you, have you seen the Nigel Wrench case? The victim went straight to the police immediately afterwards and had his blood analysed. God knows what his defense is going to be. “It was consensual, and he wanted to take lots of Temazepam so that he could sleep through it.”

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