Video downloads: we need 27-hour days

An excellent proposal from the New York Times (via Daring Fireball):

Typically, you get 24 hours to watch your on-demand movie. Here’s what happens time and again to my wife and me. We get the kids down, and about 8, we click an on-demand movie to watch. I get sleepy by 9:30 (I work hard, okay?) and turn it off but I want to see the rest of the movie the next day.

Next day, I get the kids down at 8 and—poof—the rest of the movie has disappeared. If it’s free, I have to fastforward through the movie (which is particularly slow and annoying). If I paid for it, then it’s particularly enraging.

With a 27 hours to view the show, all problems solved.

I agree entirely. We started watching something earlier tonight, Baby Bigmouth kicked off, and by the time BB was settled Mrs B was too tired to watch any more. Once dinner, BB’s feed and bath etc are sorted tomorrow night we’d have exceeded the 24-hour time limit on most VOD (iTunes, Xbox, whatever).