A masterpiece of Daily Mail writing

No, I mean it. This is the Daily Mail doing what it does best, reporting on an alleged internet suicide cult:

A wild child who surfed her way to suicide and ‘virtual immortality’

The secret life of Natasha Randall was laid bare on an alarmingly candid web page.

At the click of a button you could discover her likes and dislikes, study revealing photographs, chat to her online and find out who wanted to have sex with her.

Yesterday that page became her virtual headstone.

…But equally disturbing is the possibility – voiced by police – that young people may regard “virtual immortality” as the ultimate in cool.

To an adult unfamiliar with the peer status that celebrity on the web can create, it might sound unlikely. But a few minutes spent browsing Natasha’s page on “bebo”, one of the leading social network sites, would horrify most decent parents.

…Her invitation to potential on-line friends includes a questionnaire that poses only four questions before it asks: “Would you have sex with me?”

Then it descends into areas that should never be accessible to any juvenile with a fake email address, which, incidentally, is all it takes to join bebo.

Likewise, some of the replies she receives are unrepeatable here. A parent might reasonably question why T-Mobile, MTV, Ugg Boots and Capital One credit cards choose to be among the advertisers whose products flash up on the site.