Hard hitting journalism from the Evening Times

The Evening Times does it again: fresh from its hard-hitting campaign against people who park too close to schools, it’s now naming and shaming the very worst criminals in Glasgow. No, not the gangsters. No, not the drug dealers. No, not the people traffickers, the smugglers, the counterfeiters, the murderers or the robbers. It’s bravely going after the hardest of the hardcore, the scariest of the scary, the toughest of the tough. Litter louts.

10 thoughts on “Hard hitting journalism from the Evening Times

  1. Ronnie says:

    I agree that there are other, more pressing crimes that should receive coverage in the press but the litter problem is something I’m happy for the Evening Times to jump on. It’s a real problem in Glasgow; the city is a shitehole…

  2. McGazz says:

    How I miss the Evening Times, the paper that would relegate “10000 die in Paisley explosion” to a paragraph to keep the front page free for “Glasgow man wins £20 on Lotto”.

  3. Squander Two says:

    > It’s a real problem in Glasgow; the city is a shitehole

    Very true. Plus, if you believe there’s anything in the broken windows theory, stopping the litter problem could contribute to reducing the rates of other greater crimes. Possibly.

    Has anyone here been to Chicago? The place is spotless.

  4. Gary says:

    Surely if a £50 fine won’t stop people littering, having their name in small print in a bit of the Evening Times only insane pensioners will read isn’t going to deter them either?

  5. Squander Two says:

    > Surely if a £50 fine won’t stop people …

    Yeah, I should have added that I think the broken windows theory kind of requires the law to be enforced by the authorities, rather than for a tabloid to be snippily outraged.

  6. mupwangle says:

    >>Doesn’t this throw up some sort of Data Protection or Privacy issue?

    I would have thought that since these are people who have been successfully prosecuted (although by acceptance of fixed penalty notices rather than a court in most cases) then it will be public record. You could argue, however, that publishing a list of people considered to be anti-social with their home addresses could be classed as incitement. The self-righteous crowd are bound to start dumping crap in their gardens.

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