The UK Apple Store is having a sale

It’s not a big sale – £31 off an iMac, that kind of thing – and it’s for today only, but it’s still a sale.





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  1. They really are spoiling us ;)

    I bought mine just over a month ago (24″). Love it to bits, though would have been nice to have paid a little less

  2. Ben

    You’ve got to love Apple sales.. it’s almost “Buy today and we’ll give you a free apple carrier bag!”

  3. Well, they’re almost a study in not trying too hard. I just got back from NYC. The Apple store on 5th Avenue, the one with the glass cube entrance, is packed day and night. But some of my business colleagues walked right past it, not too sure what it was (on the outside all you see is the glass cube, the huge Apple logo, and the staircase and lift). Would plastering the glass cube with dayglo “Massive Sale!! Everything Must GO!!!” stickers increase sales? Or reduce them?

  4. Gary

    Heh. I love the idea of apple stores branded like pound shops :)

    You’re right, of course. A huge part of Apple’s appeal (to some, at least) is its exclusivity, and the apple stores reinforce that. These are no ordinary consumer goods. These are californian designed, hipster friendly goods.

    Which is amusing, given that you can buy iPods in ASDA.