Sleep deprived odds and sods

In no particular order:

* The Google ads are back on the blog, because rather depressingly ads generate a small income and affiliate links don’t, unless you’re willing to spend time highlighting all the partner firms’ special offers. Which I’m not. The point of the ads (for me) is to pay the hosting bill, not to become the content.

* Leopard. Quite nice. Not vaguely essential. Seems faster than Tiger on the G4 Powerbook, no speed difference that I can see on the MacBook Pro. It’s a bit like upgrading to Vista, IMO: nice to have, but not a must-have.

* iPhone. Now O2’s dumped its dumb data transfer limit, I’ve changed my mind – partly because my (o2) Blackberry bankrupts me whenever I use the web browser, and partly because the BB Pearl’s screen is too damn small to do anything useful internet-wise. And the iPhone’s small enough to use while bouncing babies around, which is becoming an important consideration for me.

* I am very much liking Half-Life 2 Episode 2.

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I was playing Team Fortress 2 way too late last night

I really fancy that, but my basic crapness at online gaming puts me off. That, and I haven’t been able to get near the xbox for days.

your Google ads are all about how to make money as a freelancer!

I know, it’s really annoying. I guess maybe people come here looking for that stuff and go on their way, but I’d obviously prefer it if they read the rants and didn’t. I’d much rather have links to stuff I actually use/have/like, but my ad experiment says that doesn’t work here unless I start going “I like this game ORDER IT HERE AND GET FREE POSTAGE”. Which I don’t want to do.

Admit it: Half-Life’s the reason you’re sleep-deprived, isn’t it?

God, I wish it was. Decided to play it around 10pm last night, baby kicked off, baby continued to kick off until 4-something am. No games for daddy!

I also changed my mind about iPhone: wasn’t going to get one because I had to buy the iMac, but now I’m seriously considering stopping by the Regent Street store on the way home from work to see how bad the queue is…

I got Leopard free with the iMac but I haven’t installed it yet. The iMac has satisfied my need for new for awhile…

Sleep deprivation sucks, but you get better at sleeping: get to sleep at the drop of a hat, and you’ll learn to not wake up completely and still do the necessary… and this period goes quickly. Hang in there!

> get to sleep at the drop of a hat

God, yeah. I keep waking up on the sofa at four in the morning.

The Nokia E90 is better than even I was expecting. An utterly superb phone. And O2 gave it me for 20 quid, which is a tad better than the iPhone’s price.

Incidentally, O2 appear to have been ramping up their network — whether for the iPhone or just anyway, I don’t know. Suddenly getting Edge connections everywhere.

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