More sleep deprived odds and sods

* The new Girls Aloud album isn’t as good as Chemistry – what is? – but Call The Shots is yet another perfect pop single. The baby seems to like it too.

* I’ve got a new camera lens. It’s an f1.4 which, photo buffs will appreciate, is several Fs less than standard kit lenses. Those absent Fs give me super photo powers, or something.

* passports for babies. What a load of (expensive) shite.

* amazon’s ebook reader. Not the iPod of the book world.

* that Robert Plant / Alison Krauss album is really rather wonderful, you know.

* the royal bank of Scotland’s new online banking system. Yet another bloody bank card, yet another pin number, plus a portable card reader you need to use for arranging transfers and the like. How very convenient!

7 thoughts on “More sleep deprived odds and sods

  1. Ben says:

    Ah yes, new camera lens. I had a new expensive lens once, it came with *lot’s* of F’s …when I managed to let it roll off the worktop.

    RBS. Well you don’t think they’ll make it easy for you to get to your money?

  2. Squander Two says:

    What gets me about the passports for babies is that they don’t have to be renewed for five years. If we’re going to have them, they should be for security. I for one feel strangely uncomforted by the fact that they actually make it easier for child abductors to get children across borders: if you’ve got a genuine passport for a 6-month-old, you can use it for pretty much any five-year-old, since it is so usual for kids’ appearances to change dramatically during that time.

  3. Tony Kiernan says:

    I know a UK citizen who works for Texaco. He’s recently moved from their Texas HQ to the Hague office. Taking his Italian wife and US born kid has been a nightmare, involving several trips to the British Consulate in Canada and from now on 18 month renewals in the UK.

  4. Stephen says:

    amazon’s ebook reader. Not the iPod of the book world.

    It certainly isn’t. But it is what the ignorant say the iPod is: a closed system that can only interact with one company’s store.

    It isn’t in another way. The iPod was a way to take all of your music with you in a small and convenient package, so that you could listen to any song, whenever you wanted. Which makes sense when you consider that most songs are only a few minutes long, you can listen to them in any order, and you might want to hear different songs from different albums, all shuffled together.

    The Kindle is a way to take, well, not your entire library, but then, at least, all the books that you buy from now on, on Amazon, from the Kindle store. Hmmm. But I can take a paperback with me now, very easily. It usually takes me a few train rides to read a single book, so I only need one book with me at any given time, and I never get the urge to read a few pages from another book, while I’m reading the book I’m currently reading. And my book doesn’t need to be recharged regularly, doesn’t break if I drop it, can be lent to friends, and I can borrow books that belong to friends.

    The iPod was a solution to a problem I had. The Kindle is a solution to problems I can’t even imagine, let alone have.

  5. Gary says:

    I think it’s the answer to a problem that doesn’t exist. I like the idea of electronic ink, but can’t raise any enthusiasm for the Kindle at all.

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