Money well spent

The Scottish Government has spent some £125,000 on replacing the frankly underwhelming “The best small country in the World” slogan that previously welcomed visitors to Scotland. The new slogan had to meet tough criteria. It needed to reflect our proud industrial heritage and our high tech future, our scenic countryside and our bustling urban centres, our tradition of academic achievement and the way in which we consistently punch above our weight when it comes to innovation.

The result?

Welcome to Scotland.





0 responses to “Money well spent”

  1. Gary deserves applause for headline goodness: “Scotland reveals stunningly dull new slogan”.

  2. mupwangle

    As someone pointed out, the money was spent on the design of it rather than just the words.

  3. Gary

    Oh, I know. But it’s still funny.

  4. Money was spent on the design, not just the words, of all those “Welcome to Scotland” signs that have been standing on the border for decades, not to mention all the “Welcome to Devon” and “Welcome to Hertfordshire” signs on their corresponding borders — and I bet none of the people who made those signs got 125 grand.

  5. Ben

    Yay, independance sooner and we’ll be away from these idiots. Oh wait… bugger.