Hello, hello

That’s me back at work, although thanks to a baby-induced news blackout Google could have built a robot army and taken over the world for all I know. I’ve got a mountain of email to wade through, so apologies if you’re waiting for a reply to something and haven’t heard from me yet. You will, eventually.

On a tangent, this page layout is busted in Safari 3.0. Any webby types know whether it’s the CSS or a Safari issue?





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  1. Not sure about the CSS but your markup needs fixing. You’ve got a line break tag in your header, and you’ve got closing input tags on the form when they don’t exist (should just be self closing).

    They may not help especially the line break tag as it’s confusing the validator that’s for sure!

    Any chance of a link to a screen shot in Safari?

  2. Gary

    Hi Sarah. There’s a pic here:

    Weird layout screengrab

  3. I’d guess that it’s down to the use of negative margins. Removing the margin-bottom: -30px on the containing div didn’t make a difference in firefox. Is that there for a reason? I would try taking that out and see if any difference happens, alternatively you could remove the need for the negative margins by making the containing div (that has the blue background) taller and make your background start 30px down. Give it a black background too so that anything the background doesn’t cover is black. Then your pic and comment list should be able to sit more comfortably.

    Am only guessing though ;)

  4. The easy fix for this is to not break it all up into so many separate parts.

    Merge the face image with the sky background, and use that as the background to the div. You then just need to float the list to the right within that div.

  5. At the bottom of your layout CSS you have a group of Opera 9 hack rule sets, this is the cause of the problem (the second of those rules is moving that image up by 17px), as the @media all hack also affects Safari.

  6. Gary

    Thanks very much. I’ll try and fix it later today.

  7. Crikey, you two get everywhere ;¬)

    Gary, I recently bought an iMac but I really can’t bring myself to use Safari when I find Firefox so much more useful. Is there really any reason to try it out?

    Also, hope all is going well with the new baby ;¬)

  8. Gary

    That should be it now, unless the Google ad breaks it (Google stuff isn’t live as I write this – more about that in a bit). Thanks again – I’ve concentrated on fire-fighting rather than a full fix ’cause I’m under the gun today.

    Rutty, the main reason is speed: Safari (IMO) is a faster browser for everyday use, and it’s less prone to the Firefox system-eating memory grabbing. Downside is lack of ad-blocking and relative lack of plugins. And browser detection scripts that don’t like it. Until very recently my digital banking took the huff with Safari.

  9. So how do we know that this is Gary posting and not a Google Robot from the Google Robot Army?

  10. mupwangle

    >>how do we know that this is Gary posting and not a Google Robot..

    Because, as a rule, Google Robots are slightly less covered in baby sick. :-)

  11. Rule of thumb: If you need browser detection “you’re doing it wrong”.

  12. if you need browser detection, it’s usually because Microsoft have done it wrong.

  13. Gary

    Rule of thumb: If you need browser detection “you’re doing it wrong”.

    Haha, you’re absolutely right. The one that really annoys me is banking sites, when they do it for security reasons. I AM USING A DIFFERENT BROWSER FOR SECURITY REASONS!

  14. Try paying via HSBC’s payment processor in Firefox, I’ve actually had a tech from HSBC inform me that they cannot accept payments via Firefox. My client has it and has to have a comment on his shopping cart stating it only works in Internet Explorer!!

  15. Gary

    Gaaah, that’s just daft. Particularly when most online shoppers will go elsewhere at the first sign of a shopping problem. And I can prove it with graphs and charts thanks to various surveys. Or I would, if I could be arsed putting together graphs and charts.

  16. Strange because HSBC’s online banking, both personal and business, work perfectly with Firefox, even under OS X.