More odds and sods:

Charlie Brooker has a new book out, called Dawn of the Dumb. It includes the column Face at the Window, which may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I’m not exaggerating.

The BBC4 documentary Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives is a little gem. It follows E from Eels as he tries to find out more about his late father, a physics genius. I cried like a baby. If it’s repeated or turns up on a torrent it’s well worth your time.

Things you don’t hear very often these days, but should: I bought a Gerry Rafferty best-of today, and it’s brilliant.

Things you do hear too often these days, but shouldn’t: Christmas songs in pubs. I wouldn’t mind – well, I wouldn’t mind as much – if 99% of Christmas music wasn’t so bloody awful.



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