Attack of the site scrapers

Anybody else getting this with their blog? My incoming links have suddenly become populated by lots of sites like this one, which looks awfully like a splog to me. Very annoying.





0 responses to “Attack of the site scrapers”

  1. Yes, there’s about 20 of them that follow me. Fortunately the new WP installation places the trackbacks straight into spam for me.

  2. Getting a lot of it with itm? Most seem to be getting caught by the spam guard, though. Yeah, annoying.

  3. Gary

    I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t clog up the “incoming links” bit of the wordpress dashboard.

  4. I like the word “splog”. I had not heard it before.

  5. Not too many yet, but it’s growing. Don’t see it much on the incoming links (I don’t use trackbacks), but it’s annoying when I find my own texts in these splogs when tracking/searching for new ideas for the topic of my blog. And the obvious Google duplicate content penalty concern.