A must-have for your Mac mail

Using Want a three-panel layout with the message at the right instead of underneath? Then get yourself the Widescreen plugin, a wonderful wee bit of code.

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Hey there. I almost don’t want to bring this up, but do you know the google adds don’t seem to show up in firefox? I can see them fine in IE.

Is this supposed to happen? not that I miss them obviosuly…

Weird. If I turn off ABP for this site they’re still gone, but if I disable ABP altogether they reappear.

well, I’ve never so much as downloaded adblock, so whatever it is it’s not that. if I can remember how you do these things in Firefox, I might try creating a blank profile and using that instead of my normal one to see if that makes a difference.

oh well, I guess I’m just lucky. To be frank I can’t be bothered researching it further, to get something I don’t want to see to display.

I guess I might heat up the mac and see what it does.

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