Halo 3 is quite good

…but the single-player campaign is very, very short.

Other things that are quite good:

* The just-finished series of The IT Crowd, which is out on DVD any second now. Worth buying for the spoof anti-piracy ad alone.

* The new Sugababes single. Album’s out on Monday.

* Radiohead’s “pay what you think” plan for their new album downloads.

* The new Foo Fighters album. Like Halo 3 it’s more of the same, really, but if you like the Foos already you’ll like this.

* Logic Studio 8.

* The “X shreds” thing on YouTube, where famous acts’ videos are overdubbed with inept guitar playing. The Metallica one is particularly funny – although in reality, that is *exactly* what 99% of unsigned bands actually sound like.

* Scottish Fiction, the Idlewild best-of.

You can expect more fascinating stuff like the above if little Bigmouth decides not to turn up on time (due date is Saturday)…