Escapist review of Halo 3

Absolutely bang on.

Via David. Language isn’t safe for work…





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  1. Ms Mac

    Blimey. That’s disappointing.

    And yet I still want the game and an Xbox360 for Christmas please Santa.

  2. Gary

    It’s not *bad*, it’s just not the world-changing event it’s been billed as. I’m quite surprised that EDGE gave it 10/10, though.

  3. I’m kicking it Old School with Medal Of Honour: European Assault instead. Stupidly long levels with no save points in them and getting progressively harder as one nears the end. I have died in the last 2 minutes of the half hour level I’m on at the moment so many times that I feel like I’ll have fought WW2 in real time by the end.

  4. Alex

    Absolutely brilliant. I have not played the game, but this reveiw sounds about perfect.

  5. Gary

    His Bioshock review is spot-on (and spollerific) too.

    Halo 3 is still worth having – it’s Quite Good – but on balance I think Bioshock was more interesting. Although The Orange Box – Half-Lfe 2 Episode 2 – is mere weeks away, and Mr Minerva (HL2 episodic mod) promised a new release this week too. Haven’t checked that one out yet.

  6. Gary

    (checks) Minerva’s out. Yay with a capital yay. More here.

  7. Ms Mac

    I meant to say earlier that I didn’t actually know that anybody ever paid attention to the plot of a game. I know I don’t. I must not be serious enough about gaming, dude.

    ps. Fingers crossed for the safe arrival of Baby Bigmouth.

  8. Gary

    Oh I dunno, I like games with stories if they’re reasonably interesting, or if – as with Lost Planet – they’re completely incomprehensible and therefore funny. But I think too many games attempt to add a story that’s sub-Schwarzennegger, and that’s neither interesting nor amusing.

    ps. Fingers crossed for the safe arrival of Baby Bigmouth.

    Thanks :)