Baby Bigmouth

Baby bigmouth

Somewhat later than advertised, Sophie Marshall was born this evening – 11lbs 3oz, and 17 days overdue. Mother and baby are amazing. I’m going to bed.

For a week.

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One of my colleagues has just told me that his wife went through a 3-hour labour with their first and a 2-hour with the second. Bastards. Honestly, if you’re going to put in so little effort, I’m not sure you deserve children. (I’ll leave it up to Gary whether he wants to tell the world how long Liz was in for, but it weren’t three measely hours.)

Thanks everyone. I’ll try not to fill the blog with photos every ten seconds. But I probably will.

I’ll leave it up to Gary whether he wants to tell the world how long Liz was in for

I think it was 46 hours in total, some of it very, very scary. Which just shows how much of a wuss I am – I’ve had a slight headache for about five minutes and I’ve already munched a bunch of nurofen :)

I know this blog isn’t top of the reading list for pregnant women, but if anyone’s interested I can’t praise Glasgow’s Southern General hospital enough. Every single person we dealt with there – and we dealt with a lot of people – was superb both to Liz and to me. And I genuinely don’t think we would have coped if it weren’t for the help Liz got from Grace (a doula – basically someone who’s there to support the mum and stop the dad from being too annoying).

She is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve just shown the photo to all the girls in work and I think they’re all broody now!

Mother an baby are both amazing and the Dad’s ok too!

Congrats to both of you. 46 hours definately don’t think I could have coped with the wife in labour that long. Glad everythng is well with all of you. Good luck to you all in the future. Give us a phone. Hunter.

It turns out I got my sums wrong – it was 43 hours, not 46. Which makes a whole world of difference, I’m sure :)

Looks like Dadness is kicking in big style – I listened to and enjoyed a play on Radio 4 the other night, and despite a lifelong hatred of Led Zep I heard the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss collaboration and thought it was great. Won’t be long before my idea of a good time involves browsing shed catalogues, I suspect.

Are you up yet? Many congratulations to you all and good luck. I can vouch for that fact that 11lbs is indeed two babies as mine came 15 minutes apart and weighed 5lbs 3oz and 5lbs 11 oz together! Fantastic. Good on you.

Are you up yet?

We’re both doing that “to the outside world we look like functioning human beings but inside our brains are toffee” thing just now :)

Congrats!!! You’ll have to be sensible from now on. Volvo next? Vecetecomy? All the best for you :)

Gary and Liz,

This message will be almost as belated as Sophie’s arrival, but congrats! Saw a very cute pic of the three of you on Elaine’s flickr site, glad you’re all well although 43 hours sounds a bit of an ordeal.

I got a text about the baby when I was on the Trans Mongolian heading back to Beijing, so I told the rest of the carriage the happy news. When I told them the weight, everyone seemed to instinctively cross their legs, groaning slightly!

So well done to you Liz, you’re a brave soldier!

Lots of love,
Les xxx

Hey Lesley, it’s great to hear from you. Hope you’re enjoying your travels :)

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