Truth in vandalism

In the small Scottish town of Girvan there’s a small shop selling tourist tat to an audience of old people: shortbread with pictures of Scottie dogs on it, plastic figurines made in China, that sort of thing.  And rather wonderfully, vandals have knocked two letters off the shop’s signage so that it now appears to be called TARTAN AND WEE.





0 responses to “Truth in vandalism”

  1. Took me than it should have to come up with which two letters could be missing. Am I right with a T and a D?

  2. I’m buying a “longer”…

  3. Armin, if you’re correct, just getting rid of the D would have been enough.

  4. My first thought was “Tartan and weep”, but I’m tired.

  5. Gary

    Am I right with a T and a D?

    Yep. Although Jockshire’s right, “tartan and twee” would have worked too.

  6. Gary

    I’m buying a “longer”…

    Then this is your lucky day, because this very morning my email’s packed with adverts from companies offering just that!

  7. Oh those guys…