The Bourne Ultimatum

…is superb. I’m trying to think of any other trilogy where all three movies were great, and I’m coming up with nowt. LOTR doesn’t count – it’s disqualified on grounds of (a) numb arse syndrome and (b) the final film going on and on and on and on and…





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  1. Andi Newnham

    Indiana Jones? The original Star Wars trilogy?

  2. Gary

    Indiana Jones didn’t do it for me, and neither did Star Wars. Not least because of the Ewoks.

  3. mupwangle

    I’m not sure you could really count LOTR as a trilogy. Yes, I know that it’s 3 films, but really it is just one long film split into 3. You couldn’t watch any single one in isolation.

  4. The Matrix! Er, maybe not :)

  5. Do you think they’ll leave it as a trilogy? SPOILERS: Irrespective of him blowing himself and half the planet up with a booby trapped pineapple.

  6. Gary

    I think both Greengrass and Damon have said there’s nowhere for it to go now. Certainly the main plot has gone, so bringing it back would prolly fall into the trap of just another spy movie. Although it’s not impossible for the studio to hire a different director and wait for Damon to deliver a few turkeys…

  7. Or just cast someone completely different and cross their fingers.

  8. Entertaining interview with Grengrass and Damon on yesterday’s Daily Mayo. That passed fifteen minutes.