Tesco home phone is crap

With telecoms, it seems, you get what you pay for. Since moving to Tesco’s “cheaper than BT!” home phone service the other week, I’ve lost caller ID, my phone has developed a fault that means the ringer goes constantly if someone hangs up before you get the chance to answer, and my broadband has gone to hell (I can barely access websites, let alone any multimedia).  Oh, and you cannot get through to the support line and they don’t return your messages.

Still, it’s cheap!





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  1. Ben

    How much did you save?

  2. Gary

    About five quid.

  3. mupwangle


  4. My flatmate works in a call centre for our telephone and interweb provider. 20MB connection and telephone for £3 a month, instead of the £45 we were paying. Result. He gets paid peanuts, but it covers his rent, so what do I care :-)

  5. We’re boycotting Tesco. They knocked down one of our local pubs so that they could build a petrol station. I need pubs more than I do cheap petrol!

    I hope you can rack up some clubcard points for spending a few hours on their “technical” helpline

  6. Gary

    Have you tried drinking petrol? It’s cheaper than beer.

  7. Gary

    BTW, the caller id thing has been fixed – somebody pinged the wrong switch at the exchange, they say – and an engineer’s coming to check the line for mysterious ringing today. Broadband is nowt to do with Tesco, apparently, because they don’t mess with the line itself. It seems to have improved anyway…

  8. Tony

    Ijoined Tesco home phone at the end of 2006 and i think its great the have nevere managed to take a dd payment yet so even though tyhe service is rubbish im saveing loads

  9. debbie

    Tesco`s might be abit cheaper but its very hard to change internet providers

  10. mupwangle

    >>Tesco`s might be abit cheaper but its very hard to change internet providers

    Not normally. If you’re ADSL you just request a migration code (MAC) from your existing provider and, assuming you’re out of any fixed term contract they have to provide it within 5 days. Give that to your new provider and they transfer you. Takes about a fortnight. I’ve done it twice in the last month! (Long story)