On game save points and the tyranny of console game prices

Dear game developers: could you make it easier to save game progress, please?

I’ve gone from loving Resident Evil 4 on the Wii to loathing it, the people who wrote it, and anybody who’s met anybody who knows the people who wrote it. The culprit is a section where you’re inside a house as the zombies attack, and to date I reckon I’ve been killed a few hundred times there. Restarting that section every time is annoying enough, but when I’ve had enough and turn off the Wii it means when I come back, the save point is so far back it may well be in Resident Evil 3.

This is one of my pet hates with games, particularly console ones: the combination of a slightly too difficult set-piece and inconsiderate save points sucks all the fun out of a game very quickly.

And my other pet hate: console pricing. Bioshock’s out on the 24th, and it’s £29.99 on PC or £44.99 for Xbox 360. I can only assume the difference is the razor blade model of the console business: sell the kit at a loss and make up the difference in licensing fees from the games. But a 33% price difference between PC and console is taking the piss.





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  1. Alex

    If you hate console game pricing and the lack of save points, try getting the game for PC. As you have already said, the games are usually cheaper and 99% of games allow you to save ANYWHERE, including in the middle of trying to take down a particularly annoying goblin/zombie/[insert enemy here].

  2. mupwangle

    Most online folks are £39.99 so its not quite as bad.

  3. Gary

    Yeah, but you still get the £15 price difference. So it’s even worse.

    > try getting the game for PC

    PC gaming isn’t an option for me at the moment – my gaming needs to be downstairs with wireless headphones on a couch. That’s partly because Mrs Bigmouth goes to bed wayyy before I do (the PC’s in the office, a few feet away from the bedroom), partly because my back’s goosed and I can’t sit in front of a computer any longer than I *need* to, and partly because my gaming PC is a bloody monster that would completely dominate the front room :)

  4. mupwangle

    >>Yeah, but you still get the £15 price difference. So it’s even worse.

    But you get a free faceplate. Which is shit is you’ve got a core as all faceplates look rubbish.

  5. Gary

    Just played the Bioshock demo btw (1.35GB!). Amazing.

  6. once passed that bit you’ll be ok. i ended up checking a walkthrough for tips. the game is excellent and my wii-claw seems to have gone away (sorry about the ‘all lower case’ reply, holding my video ipod for my niece in my other hand)