Wii will shock you

I’ve been playing a bit of Resident Evil 4 on the Wii, and it’s amazing – not the game so much as using the Wiimote to play it. What is (so far) a pretty standard O Noes! Zombies! game becomes considerably scarier and more stressful when you’re trying to aim your gun for real or stab someone with the Wiimote.

It also freaks out the dog if you’re playing it on headphones.

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I’m thinking I might need to get that having gunned my way through Call Of Duty 3 (including the bits when it lags like crazy and practically becomes unplayable) and found myself stuck and frustrated in an early level of the new Zelda.

Also I’m looking in a ‘must check eBay’ way at the Tiger Woods golf thing, having enjoyed the Wii Sports Golf so much.

Likewise, from some eBayer who (I noticed only AFTER buying) only accepts ‘real’ money or ‘cheques’ (whatever THEY are) and, despite selling online, doesn’t take money the same way. Won’t even give me bank details so I can transfer the funds.

So it’s going to cost me an extra couple of quid to buy it now due to having to send my payment by recorded delivery.

Luddites shouldn’t be allowed near the internet.

Yeah, I’m coming to the same attitude. I’d rather pay a few extra quid and have the sale of goods act, distance selling regs etc on my side.

On a wii-related note, I decided to revisit Wii tennis for the first time in a couple of months and I’ve wiinjured my shoulder and leg.

I think I was giving it a tad too much in the way of laldy. :-(

Injured your leg?

Playing wii tennis?

You must, indeed, have been giving it laldy.

Incidentally, I know no-one on this blog cares too much about football, but isn’t the scottish football league being sponsored by irn Bru the best news story ever?

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