We’re blogging about the wrong stuff, ladies and gentlemen

According to Business Week, Perez Hilton rakes in $111,000 a month from celebrity gossip blogging while TechCrunch’s future-of-the-web stuff brings in $200K per month.

My new blog – Paparazzi Snaps And AJAX Apps – launches tomorrow.



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0 responses to “We’re blogging about the wrong stuff, ladies and gentlemen”

  1. My new iPhone blog has just launched… ;-)

  2. I think that I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER lolcats blog is in that league as well.

    I’m thinking of a knittingcutekittenswith3Dsecondlifegossipueberblog. That’s me sorted then.

  3. Celebs Using Google


  4. Actually, apologies for double comment, how about “Kevin Rose Trackr”? Instant success.

  5. Gary

    That’s brilliant. And there’s no copyright on ideas, so I’ve nicked it.