The great pineapple dessert conspiracy: good news at last

Last year, I wrote about a threat to the very fabric of civilisation: the disappearance of pineapple yoghurts and pineapple jelly cubes from supermarket shelves. I haven’t been back to the subject for a while because – hurrah! – I discovered a nearby ASDA that wasn’t part of the conspiracy, and I’ve been able to source Hartley’s Pineapple Jelly from there.

It was too good to be true, of course, and now even ASDA’s succumbed to the conspiracy. Pineapple jelly no more.

So I wrote to Premier Foods, the firm that owns Hartley’s. And they told me this:

We are currently supplying Sainsbury and Morrisons with this product. We
deliver into their central warehouses so if you do not see the product on
the shelves, if you ask at customer services they can order it in for you
from their warehouse.

Sainsbury careline number:  0800 636262
Morrisons careline number:  0845 6116111

Order while you can, people. Order while you can.