Panic on the runways of Glasgow

Squander Two notes a cruel irony of the Glasgow airport attacks: the terrorists may have been ineffective, but the airport and authorities’ response – keeping all inbound passengers shut in their planes for several hours – led to six hospitalisations and 14 people needing medical treatment.

Anyone stuck for five hours out the front of the airport, where the bomb actually hit? Nope. Any of the people who gave the terrorist a good kicking, thereby becoming a part of the event themselves, locked up for five hours and denied food, water, fresh air, and medication? Nope. The only people locked up were the ones on planes on the opposite side of the building…

Of course, it would have been irresponsible to let the passengers off until the authorities were certain there weren’t any bombs waiting for them in the airport, but they didn’t start moving people until 9.30pm (the attack happened at 3pm, ish) and didn’t finish until 2am. At which point everyone was sent home? Nah, they were bussed to the SECC.