FFS indeed

You probably don’t want to see a black Merc, registration N511 FFS, if you’re wandering around Glasgow at the moment. So far he’s waved hammers at people, attempted to run a bloke over and been involved in two car crashes.

Insert “sounds like a typical Merc owner” joke here.





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  1. I’ll be ok, I’ve been driving my new Merc around Glasgow the last few days….

  2. …and I’ve got a load of hammers in the back, sure whoever this is won’t take me on!!

    Only the other day I was waving one of *my* hammers at some dobber.

  3. Gary

    I’ve been driving

    Heh heh heh. Brilliant.

  4. Gary

    Incidentally, is it just me or is the opening par of that ET article really mangled?

    POLICE are hunting a Mercedes driver who tried to kill a pedestrian in four road-rage attacks in the past six days.

  5. Yeah, that pedestrian is probably refusing to leave the house now.

  6. Why can’t I get this image of the Spielberg movie with the huge truck following the guy around of which I forgot the name I think it might have been Duel out of my head?

  7. Yes, it is Duel.