The Brown note

We went to see Derren Brown last night. It’s the second time we’ve seen him, and this tour’s even better than the last one: not only is he an exceptionally clever illusionist/mentalist/whatever, but he’s also very, very funny.

I’ve no idea whether tickets are still available (I suspect not) but if you can get hold of some, the show’s well worth it. He’s in Edinburgh tonight, Aberdeen tomorrow and then heading south for another two weeks of English shows. This link takes you to the dates and box office numbers.





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  1. mupwangle

    How do you know it was good and he hasn’t just convinced you it was good. Mibbe you went and sat in silence for two hours – he only turned up at the end to convince you it was great and went home again.

  2. In my first week at university, there was a stage hypnotist on. I didn’t get in to see him, but the next day lots of people approached me to congratulate me on making such a great fool of myself on stage that night. For a while, I did begin to suspect that I had in fact got in but the bastard had then convinced me that I hadn’t been able to get a ticket.

    Turned out it was just someone who looked a bit like me, though. What a relief. And anticlimax.

  3. Great stuff. I’m going to see him in Bristol on Father’s Day – my first Father’s Day ever! :)

  4. Gary

    Did the little one buy you the tickets? They grow up so fast…