The amusingly named Mazda

I’ve been obsessed with the Mazda Bongo Friendee for ages, because I think it’s the best car name ever – and today I saw one. In real life!

It’s a piece of crap, of course, but it’s got a great name. Although I suspect it won’t help you pull. “Hey, why don’t we take a ride in my… BONGO FRIENDEE!”

You’re sleeping alone, my friend.





0 responses to “The amusingly named Mazda”

  1. Ben

    Depens who your trying to pull, I think it’s got granny magnet written all over it :D

  2. Gary

    You know, I shouldn’t find that funny. But I did.

  3. My friend owned Mazda Bongo Friendee… And I should agree that it was a piece of crap indeed… Because he has been having some problem with its Mazda oxygen sensor for weeks now… That is why he is planning to call it Mazda Bongo Unfriendee… LOL.. Nice and funny post by the way…

  4. Gary

    Hi Ally. You know, I think your friend’s problem would be solved if he could find a place offering mazda oxygen sensors, possibly for sale via the internet. If only such places existed!

  5. jeanG

    What an odd name for an odd-looking vehicle. I always find camper vans ugly and very unstylish as anyone would expect. Also this model has some problem with the water bleed pipe that is connected to the water cooling system. The pipe is under pressure when the engine is running and the clip that holds the pipe to the frame of the vehicle is unreliable. This can cause the pipe to break and the engine to overheat. And so it needs to have an reliable Mazda engine oil cooler to prevent the overheating.

  6. Gary


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