Sorry if anyone’s waiting on emails, really exciting blog posts etc – a slipped disc means I can’t spend much time in front of the computer, so I’m spending most of my time lying on the floor feeling sorry for myself. And munching drugs, of course.

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My girlfriend somehow managed to get FOUR of her disks bulging last year – two of them quite severely. She had to spend a week in hospital and then another month at home being looked-after by friends – and me of course. Luckily there was no nerve damage so they didn’t operate, and she’s much better now – still hindered in anything too acrobatic by her back though.

Shame that.

Hope the drugs are doing their job. I take it you’re on some opiates and maybe diazapan (SP?) to relax your muscles. Good street value for that shit you know (so I hear) ;¬)

Hope you’re feeling better soon

Four? Jesus. Pre-surgery I’d knocked out two, and that was bad enough.

The doc’s given me cocodamol (which should perhaps be renamed doessodalladol) and even that was grudgingly. I’ve got a box of tramadol kicking around somewhere but I’d rather not go down that route if I can avoid it, because they turn my head into mush. More mush than the lack of sleep is doing.

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