Now Sony’s being accused of blasphemy

Sony’s in trouble again, this time because the game Resistance: Fall of Man features Manchester Cathedral.

THE CHURCH of England has threatened legal action against Sony after a violent PlayStation 3 computer game depicts Manchester Cathedral as a back-drop for a battle.

Church leaders accused Sony of “desecration” and said it had not asked permission to use the building.

The new game, Resistance: Fall of Man, sees a virtual shoot-out between warring soldiers inside a mock-up of the cathedral.

If I were a smart-arse I’d make a sarky comment about Church officials being unable to tell the difference between reality and fiction.





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  1. Gary

    UK Resistance’s headline for this is brilliant: “Now they’ve upset Jesus!”

  2. Considering the number of quite serious and sometimes lethal things the Church of England isn’t taking action over, this is a bit of a piss-take, really. Genocide? Who gives a fuck? Arguable intellectual property rights? It’s an outrage, I tell you! Haemorrhaging congregations? Funny, that.

    I think they’ll have a tough time arguing that a building that old isn’t public-domain. If you don’t want your designs to feature in other people’s work, don’t go into architecture.

    Besides, isn’t defending mankind from destruction the sort of thing the Church is supposed to approve of? Sony should just make a couple of minor edits to the back-story to present the alien invaders as hellspawn demons. Sure, the C of E’s idiot leadership would still object, but would they be able to bring themselves to publicly object?

  3. I heard this on the news when I was stood outside said cathedral at the weekend. I’m sure that’s the sort of coincidence that causes people to be born again.

  4. leanne

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  5. julie

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  6. Gary

    Hi there. Thanks for the info.

    I’m going to close comments on the Phoenix First thing, because I think everything’s been said that can be said.