Mac Mini, anyone?

My Mac Mini’s no longer needed so before I stick it on eBay, I thought I’d see if anyone here fancies buying it. It’s two years old, boxed with original system discs, PowerPC 1.42GHz with a half-gig of RAM, 80GB drive and a combo DVD player/CD burner. Yours for… I dunno actually. Suggest a figure by email if you’re interested…





0 responses to “Mac Mini, anyone?”

  1. Given the learing curve to move from normal to Mac, what are you offering for me to take it away? I’d try to use it for, oooh, I dunno, £ 100 sound about right?

  2. Learning curve? That ain’t no curve, it’s virtually downhill. It’s learning to smile at your computer and say things like “Wow, that’s clever” instead of “Aaargh!! How bloody stupid and annoying!!”

    In any sane world it would be the Mac that’s considered normal. Windows has trained people to expect less of their computers.

    Funnily enough I know of another Mini looking for a home…

  3. Gary

    > “Aaargh!! How bloody stupid and annoying!!”

    Finder excepted. That drives me nuts.

  4. I hear people complain about the Finder quite a lot, but I’ve never had a significant problem with it. I do think the 10.4 Finder’s not quite as good as the 10.2, but only marginally. The only thing I can think of that Windows Explorer does any better is the filmstrip view for pictures.

  5. Gary

    I just don’t like it. I don’t like being unable to tweak my desktop so the icons are just-so, I don’t think it’s as easy to use as Windows Explorer, I don’t like the way on reboot half my desktop icons have moved for no good reason, I don’t like the way icons I’ve dragged to the sidebar often disappear again, and I think vista’s file exploring UI is much better. Other than that, though, no issues.

  6. Oh. I’ve never had any of those problems. I do get very pissed off with the way Windows periodically rearranges my desktop icons, but it’s never happened to me on a Mac. Funny old world.

  7. mupwangle

    To be honest I really don’t care. It’s a chuffing file browser FFS! ;-D