London’s Olympic logo

…is bloody awful. I agree with the Digg folks, this would have been better. Internet in-joke ahoy!





0 responses to “London’s Olympic logo”

  1. Gary

    Haha :)

  2. Man, that’s bad.

  3. Gary

    Four hundred grand of bad, apparently.

  4. Well, you can’t expect anything too polished for just 400 grand these days. I mean, you couldn’t get Damian Hirst to stick a single diamond on a chicken bone for less than a mill.

  5. The full animated version looks like something out of an 80’s Queen video. Noel Edmunds would have winced hard at it back in the Swap Shop days if someone had proposed it as the intro graphics. Yuppies in ‘Frankie Say’ T-shirts and jackets with the sleeves rolled up would peer from under their King style spikey mullets and sneer that it was a ‘bit too eighties’

    Watch it here, it gets especially shite about 2/3rds in –

  6. oh, and I especially like the bit where ‘The 80’s’ travels through the Tate Modern. I’m sure it’s meant to represent the way that Lottery funding of the Arts is being redirected towards sports over the next 5 years…..

  7. Gary

    Bloody hell, it gets worse. And animated, it looks even more like someone giving a blowjob.

    Are we sure Armando Iannuci isn’t responsible for all of this?

  8. Gary

    I’m sure it’s meant to represent


    I’m just flabbergasted by it. Whether I’m working or just wasting time on the internet I see superb graphic design from british designers all day every day, and *that’s* what we’ve ended up with? The only consolation is the obvious b3ta element invading the BBC site with their own suggestions.

  9. Ben

    I really liked the old one! New one screams flintstones at me…

  10. mupwangle

    Someone on radio1 suggested that it looked like Lisa Simpson felating a hoodie.

  11. Andi

    i thought they had a logo already, its got the themes and the colors.who ever came up with that is the greatest con man since the tailors who gave the kings his nu clothes. elephant poo of the highest order and then some.

  12. mupwangle

    You’ve probably seen this, but epileptics are calling for the animated one to be banned.

  13. tm

    >epileptics are calling for the animated one to be banned.

    Someone is always calling for *something* to be banned on health and safety grounds. Now that we’ve finally nailed smokers, they can fuck off.

    Hmmm. Didn’t realise I was feeling aggressive, then I typed that…

  14. mupwangle

    Yeah but they are reporting that it is causing fits and it’s been tested against the standard for these things and has failed. Thay may actually have a point. Especially as it’s also the logo for the paralympics.