Facebook: MySpace for grown-ups

Social networking site Facebook is the latest Next Big Thing, it seems, with various breathless stories about it in the papers. It seems like a kind of grown-up MySpace, and while I’m not sure whether it’s of any actual benefit (I’m on loads of these things and tend to stop logging in after the novelty wears off), I’ve signed up anyway.





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  1. Facebook is apparently MySpace for middle classes.

    Bebo on the other hand, is MySpace for 10 year olds. And some bastard had already taken ‘mcgazz’ as a username.

  2. I’ve found Facebook goes beyond the novelty-factor that Myspace has. Whereas I quickly got bored of Myspace once I’d added a bunch of people and written a “witty” profile, Facebook isn’t just a toy, but a genuinely useful tool for staying in touch with my wider social circle. It’s main benefit seems to be that everyone I know on there is actually someone I know in real life, rather than some awful band trying to get me to listen to their tinny demo.

    Even the commercial elements are cool too – they actually add value for the end user, rather than simply being a load of adverts for free smilies (*ahem* adware *ahem*).

  3. Gary

    Good point about the bands – MySpace always struck me as a major spam engine, and I added it to my junk filters after the 100th complete stranger from an LA death metal band wanted me to add him/her as a friend.

  4. Gary

    Facebook is apparently MySpace for middle classes.

    Yeah, I’ve seen that. Pretty much inevitable given it was only available to college students/uni students until fairly recently.

  5. It’s funny – I signed up there recently too. My girlfriend invited me after getting invited by her friends.

    Hardly anyone I know from my old school days is there. I moved to Nottingham in 2000 (so am in that network) but would also like to be in the Leeds network (hometown) but the buggers won’t let me.

    There does seem to be a preponderance of 20something girls. Which is nice.

    I do like it a little bit. It’ll keep me occupied for a while I think – shows promise.

    BTW, how far behind the times are we?

  6. I have to disagree that facebook is for grownups as there are plenty of old creeps on mysapce, however i would replace that word with mature or simply educated people. it began as a highschool and college communication portal, dont forget. im doing a 10 page paper on facebook right now : ) and i used part of your post as a quote JD so thankyou! and yes, bottled water is a scam

  7. I can’t stand facebook.. I prefer myspace (and fighting the spam) because I’m allowed to customize it more. Plus myspace is now making some decent changes causing a decrease in spam :)