Essential advice for romantics sending flowers

Before you hand over cash to the florist, it’s a good idea to have the following bits of information:

* The full name of the person you’re sending ’em to

* The correct address of the person you’re sending ’em to

Someone has clearly forgotten to do both of those things. Either that, or I drank more than I remember at the weekend, pulled a bloke and told him my name was Claire.





0 responses to “Essential advice for romantics sending flowers”

  1. Surely, you’re meant to keep that quiet and surprise the missus?

  2. Gary

    Damn, too late.

  3. mupwangle

    I had that the other day. A note to say they’d left flowers for someone else at my neighbours. After some odd phonecalls I ended up collecting them and delivering them to some old dear on her birthday. The sender had obviously remembered the house number and town and part of the street – looked it up royal mail and sent it to me instead. (My streetname and postcode were correct!)

    the florist dropped some flowers in for me the next day.