A little business idea

The Scottish Executive’s war on booze is stepping up, with talk of price controls, making booze harder to get and, if doctors have their way, raising the legal age to buy booze in shops (but not pubs) from 18 to 21. Given that I have an estate car and England’s only an hour or two away, I feel a business venture coming on…





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  1. And who says the Government can’t create jobs? ;-)

    A friend in South Africa used to sell booze to the shebeens in the townships. Occasionally the police would stop and confiscate one of the vans used to transport the goods. The shebeen owners would usually be back in an hour or two, with a new van, bought for cash, ready to load up again…

  2. What is a shebeen?

  3. An illegal drinking establishment. Strangely the word appears to be used only in Ireland, Scotland and South Africa. Never let it be said that “the best little country in the world” doesn’t export