Case study

Incase rip-stop backpack

If you travel a lot with your laptop, may I humbly recommend this little backpack from Incase? I bought one this week after my existing laptop bag gouged a nice deep cut in my shoulder. It’s got a dedicated laptop sleeve big enough for a 17″ machine, enough room for all the crap you carry when you’re travelling, and it’s got secret pockets for stuff like passports, keys, iPods and things like that. Best fifty quid I’ve ever spent. My one came from the Apple Store but I’m assuming you can get them from the usual laptop-related shops too.

Plain old laptop bags seem like a great idea until you’ve lugged them around for 24 hours.





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  1. Ben

    I bought a laptop rucksack from Tesco of all places – I struggled to find one that didn’t cost a huge amount and didn’t scream “Laptop! Laptop! We have a Laptop!”. It’s not the largest rucksack around but it carries all my “stuff” and is waterproof. Ish.

    I was looking for a bag and I (stupidly) asked in PC World/Dixon/Somewhere and was shown a normal laptop bag. When I mentioned that I was looking for something that didn’t look like a laptop bag, the answer was “well you might be carrying just papers.”

    *stares blankly*

  2. Gary

    Heh. Good old PC World.

    I was in their tax free shop at Gatwick, where they had an amazing deal on a memory card for my camera. Tax free – £110! I can buy it for £40 from about four UK online retailers.

  3. Apparently, are planning to put vending machines in airports, which should blow the competition out of the water.

    PC World’s “Internet prices in store” adverts make me laugh every time.

  4. mupwangle

    >>PC World’s “Internet prices in store” adverts make me laugh every time.

    They don’t even match their own internet prices most of the time. I had a big argument with them to get a set of creatures at the online price.


  5. mupwangle

    I like’s blatant profiteering. Buy a wii for only £40 above RRP!

  6. mupwangle

    Which everyone knows you can get here ( for RRP. For at least the next 10 minutes anyway.

  7. mupwangle

    Or here ( with a game for less than mymemory.

  8. Gary

    If anybody needs a Wii, email me now – I’ve got a sealed one in the house, for reasons too complicated to go into.

  9. mupwangle

    Sorry, but I have to ask. Why?

  10. Gary

    Will explain by email.