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Biffo’s book

Mr Biffo’s book of chatroom silliness, Confessions of a Chatroom Freak, is very funny. I laughed so hard I ended up in America!

Admittedly I was on a plane to America at the time.

Not so funny: the tacked-on “blog entries” that were clearly the suggestion of the publisher. And the typography’s a bit crap.

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Nah, the blog bits were my idea. We had to find some way of breaking up the transcripts, and the original plan had been to use illustrations. But then there was no budget or time to get them done, and blog entries seemed like the best option.

With hindsight, I agree that they’re the most disappointing aspect, but they’re easily skippable. And, in my defence, they were written in a day…

Glad you enjoyed the rest of it, though.

I think the reason they didn’t work is because a big part of the humour (for me at least) was having people talk to a made-up character. Actually being addressed by the made-up character took me out of that.

Glad you enjoyed the rest of it, though.

Oh, I did, much to the alarm of the serious-looking businessman in the next seat. I nearly lost my kidneys when you were sending LoopyLisa pics to one poor chap.

Got any others planned?

You’ve hit the nail with your comment about the blog entries. It’s like with Borat or Ali G: they were far funnier when they were interacting with real people. It’s why the Ali G film didn’t work, and the Borat film did.

I certainly wouldn’t do a whole book of LoopyLisa’s blog. But yes, I would do a whole ‘nother book of chat transcripts. The bloggy bits would probably stay though, just to maintain the house style.

Well, I’ll stick my name down for the next pre-order :)

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