Lost in translation

Ah, the joys of call centres. A company I spoke to last week sent me a letter, addressed to Migmass Strikes Again.

Migmass is next door, dammit!





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  1. Ben

    I’ve just had to call BT. Via India. Is it just me who finds it ironic that Britian’s largests telecoms provider doesn’t have telephone services in the UK…?

    I’m called Ben, and they asked me to spell it twice and he got it wrong so “couldn’t give me access to my account”.

    Why don’t they have a sodding UK call centre?

  2. tm

    >Why don’t they have a sodding UK call centre?

    Um they do. lots of them actually (although admittedlt fewer than they used to). You just have to be lucky with when and what you’re calling about. Broadband support always seems to go out there and is pretty medicore. I’ve Used netgears indian call centres and they were actually very good (better than a lot of UK based ones) even if I did have to spell a couple of things. Dells Indian call centres are the alpha male of the bad off-shore call centre experience of course…