Guns don’t kill people, Bill Gates does

Jack Thompson rides again: the VT massacre was Bill Gates’ fault, because Microsoft published the Xbox version of Counter-Strike.

In other news, Rockstar Games gets the equivalent of a restraining order against Jack Thompson.

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According to a wag on popbitch, that pic of him should have had the speech bubble “say harro to my reetle flend”.

I hate myself for it, but I laughed for half an hour.

Hey Fronz. Nice blog.

I think it’s a shame Thompson hogs the headlines so much, because I reckon his overheated nonsense stops us from having a proper debate on the subject of violence in games. I think there is some stuff worth talking about, such as the deliberate marketing of age-restricted games to people who are too young to (officially) buy them.

More bad news for Jack. According to the inquirer, police have ruled out games as a link in the VT massacre – the killer didn’t have any gaming equipment and his room-mate never saw him play games.

I didn’t think Thomson claimed that he did. There are witnesses to say the he was seen playing counter-strike when he was in High School – not college. Obviously more important as he would’ve been trained in a murder simulator at a much more impressionable age. Also the blockier graphics of older hardware would’ve been more effective.

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