Earth Defence Force 2017: fun, if you like that sort of thing. And I do

If you fancy some big dumb fun on the Xbox 360, Earth Defence Force 2017’s worth a punt (it’s going for £18 on Amazon). It’s essentially Space Invaders given the FPS treatment, and if you turn off the voice acting and music it’s an utter hoot. Particularly when you fire at a big bug with your rocket launcher, miss completely and realise that every single building in the city is destructible. So far I’ve killed about three aliens, four hundred and thirty skyscrapers, six bridges and a thousand trees. Heh heh heh.

The trailer’s on, but don’t let its soundtrack fool you: the music in the game itself is bloody awful.





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  1. mupwangle

    On the subject of games – *you* do not want to buy Rayman Raving Rabbids on the wii. It is extremely daft and made me grin a lot but it is a series of minigames which the majority of which would knacker your RSI. The boss levels do somewhat rule. On-rails shooter (like time crisis, House of the dead) except you’re shooting at rabbits with a plunger. I don’t know what the 360 version is like though.

  2. Gary

    Thanks for the heads-up. You’re right, RSI means I need to choose Wii titles carefully.

    Zelda any cop?

  3. mupwangle

    Zelda is pretty good. It’s an RPG which is quite heavy on the puzzle-solving side of things. It’s closer (to me anyway) to Tomb Raider than something like Oblivion. I’ve not got into it as much as I got into Oblivion though for some reason.

    Example of mini-game in Rayman that would kill you on the wii – manic rabbits wearing snorkels coming out of the sea and you have to stop them by filling their snorkels up with carrot juice (don’t ask. It’s more sensible that the toilet door/whack a mole game!). You aim with the wiimote and pump using rapid continuous up/down movement on the nunchuck for in excess of 90 seconds. My forearm was starting to really hurt by 97 seconds.

    I’m not sure what’s good or not on the wii. Most of these comments are from stuff I’ve heard.

    Excite truck is meant to be fun but short.

    Warioware is ridiculously stupid but shines in company when beer is involved. I had Steven, Margaret, Callum and Ruth all yelling at each other and giggling like schoolgilrs. Annoying though you have to complete the single player before multiplayer works. Lots and lots of very short minigames. Most would probably be OK with RSI. (Things like aiming and balancing in most cases rather then frenetic movement)

    Trauma Center – I’ve played the DS version. It’s OK. Having shaky hands would spoil it though.

    Elebits/Eledees – Mixed reviews on this so far. Might be a bit kiddie.

    Red Steel – Good idea/Rubbish Execution

    Call of Duty 3/Medal of Honour – Pretty bad.

    Godfather – Pretty good

    SSX Blur – Control of the snowboard is excellent, trick control is rubbish

    Sonic – The best sonic game for a while but that doesn’t say much.

    If you fancy it – I think rogue leader on the Gamecube rocks (recreates all the battles from Star Wars in a space shooter) and Ikaruga is meant to be an amazing (and incredibly difficult) 2d vertical scrolling shoot em up. Just buy a Gamecube controller and memory card off ebay. I bought the memory card from this woman ( who I’ve bought a couple of things off and is very good so far. A controller will cost between £5 and £10 for a wired. I got Rogue Leader for £7 and Ikaruga is harder to get so is about £20. Ask Tom about it. He used to rave about it.

  4. tm

    Ikaruga is my personal favoruite shoot em up. It is fearsome though – learning curve looks like the eiger, difficulty reaches impossible-for-non-machines in about a level and a half. I have no idea how you survive anywhere on level 4 or 5 without infinite continues (which it relents and gives you after about 5 hrs of playing)

    I tend to pick it up and blast at it for a while them leave it again.

    Dont get a wired controller if you don’t have to – get a wavebird. I used my wired Gamecube controller recently and it it was like a return to the dark ages, seriously.

    Super monkey ball on the wii is pretty good too – the basic game is revolutionised by by the simple addition of a jump button, the difficutly curve is about right (not as hard as the orignal, not as easy as some of the sequels) and the mini games are pretty decent.

    Also if you have gamecube or classic controller download super mario 64 for about 6 or 8 quid from the wii store – still the best platfomer in history bar none.

  5. You could always get a WiiHelm

  6. mupwangle

    >>You could always get a WiiHelm

    That is the silliest thing ever. ;-) Imagine the brain cells dying….

  7. mupwangle

    also you look like that bloke with the tron outfit.

  8. >pump using rapid continuous up/down movement on the nunchuck for in excess of 90 seconds. My forearm was starting to really hurt by 97 seconds.

    I was going to make a premature ejaculation joke, but of course I’ve got too much class to do that.

  9. I also apparently still need to master the closing italic tag.