O noes, Vista on a Mac

Apple unofficial is highly amused by an ad for Vista that seems to show an iBook (although commenters suggest it’s a Vaio):

Considering that Vista’s EULA forbids virtualizing any versions besides Business and Ultimate, this either amounts to a grossly mis-leading advertisement or a fox sly, pro-Apple designer among sheep.

I think this is more a case of misinformed/lazy blogging than a misleading ad. Vista runs perfectly well on Intel Macs, and legally so – Boot Camp isn’t virtualisation, it’s dual-booting.

Vista’s particularly good on a MacBook Pro, and various reviewers have suggested that current generation iMacs are pretty good Vista boxes too. If I had cash to upgrade my laptop, I’d probably go the MacBook Pro / dual-boot route: the combination of OS X for work and Half-Life 2 for when I’m supposed to be working would be pretty hard to resist.

And anyway, there’s a bigger point here (other than the blindingly obvious one, which is that Microsoft doesn’t make computers, it makes operating systems): Vista on Macs is A Good Thing for Microsoft, because to dual-boot it you have to buy a full retail version (or at least an upgrade for an existing XP install) – so Microsoft gets more money for that copy than it would for the discounted, OEM install on a new PC laptop.

That said, if you are considering Vista on a Mac don’t do it on a machine with integrated graphics or inadequate RAM. I like Vista a lot, but it’s not much fun on an underpowered machine.