O noes, Vista on a Mac

Apple unofficial is highly amused by an ad for Vista that seems to show an iBook (although commenters suggest it’s a Vaio):

Considering that Vista’s EULA forbids virtualizing any versions besides Business and Ultimate, this either amounts to a grossly mis-leading advertisement or a fox sly, pro-Apple designer among sheep.

I think this is more a case of misinformed/lazy blogging than a misleading ad. Vista runs perfectly well on Intel Macs, and legally so – Boot Camp isn’t virtualisation, it’s dual-booting.

Vista’s particularly good on a MacBook Pro, and various reviewers have suggested that current generation iMacs are pretty good Vista boxes too. If I had cash to upgrade my laptop, I’d probably go the MacBook Pro / dual-boot route: the combination of OS X for work and Half-Life 2 for when I’m supposed to be working would be pretty hard to resist.

And anyway, there’s a bigger point here (other than the blindingly obvious one, which is that Microsoft doesn’t make computers, it makes operating systems): Vista on Macs is A Good Thing for Microsoft, because to dual-boot it you have to buy a full retail version (or at least an upgrade for an existing XP install) – so Microsoft gets more money for that copy than it would for the discounted, OEM install on a new PC laptop.

That said, if you are considering Vista on a Mac don’t do it on a machine with integrated graphics or inadequate RAM. I like Vista a lot, but it’s not much fun on an underpowered machine.

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Hey Gary, It’s been quite awhile since I last asked your advice about computers (think it was keyboards and RS-I). well I’m thinking about making the move to Mac and was wondering what you would suggest. I have a tablet running Vista so l am thinking that a desktop solution would be best, probably something good for entertainment purposes that told use with Vista aswell..

17″ or 20″ iMac, I think. It really depends on your budget – that, and the rumour factory says new iMacs are due Real Soon Now.

More to the point, Leopard (the next OS X) is due Real Soon Now too, so I’d advise against buying any Mac until it’s announced and there’s an upgrade programme in place – otherwise you’ll have to buy leopard when it ships.

Agreed on it being good for Microsoft, I’m surprised Microsoft doesn’t have more Macs in its ads or even a campaign directed at Mac users. Microsoft has made money from Mac users since Word 1.0, which only ran on a Mac (Windows being a couple of years off at that point).

Ach, it’s probably because any Mac-focused campaign would annoy the various Windows PC makers.

Microsoft’s approach to the Mac has been pretty good for ages: the Mac BU’s job with office has been to try new things on the Mac first, on the grounds that if it doesn’t work, it won’t upset the giant Windows Office market. So the Mac versions tend to be pretty interesting. Certainly until Office 2007 came along Office:Mac 2004 was streets ahead in general loveliness, and hopefully Office Mac 2008 will take a similar approach.

There was a rather nice take on the Mac Vs PC thing on the Radio 4’s Now Show (available as a podcast if yer interested) – “who cares, you can get porn on both of them?” I particualrly liked
“I’m a Sinclair ZX Spectrum”
“And, I’m a Space Invaders machine”
“You can plug me straight into your TV”
“Yeah, but I’m down the pub”

It’s not a Microsoft ad — it’s probably something made by the store. If it was a Microsoft ad, the “Wow” would have a lower case o and w.

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