ID cards – it’s about curtains

This is not my idea – I saw it on a site, possibly Fark, today – and the original was worded much better than this half-remembered paraphrase, but hopefully it’ll survive my mangling: Not wanting ID cards or over-the-top state surveillance isn’t because you’re up to no good; it’s about privacy, the same way you put curtains on your windows. You don’t have curtains because you’re up to no good; you have them because having people staring into your house is annoying and occasionally creepy.

4 thoughts on “ID cards – it’s about curtains

  1. Stephen says:

    You’re right! I never thought of it like that! All those weird people we don’t like, who knows what the hell they get up to behind those shades, where decent. law-abiding folk can’t keep an eye on them! We HAVE to BAN CURTAINS RIGHT NOW!!!

  2. Armin says:

    Or next time someone gives you the “if you’ve got nothing to hide” line ask them innocently “why don’t you get rid of your curtains then?”

  3. tm says:


    I have to admit that I’ve got to the stage that I don’t make jokes like that sometimes because of the number of people who take you seriously. ;-(

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