ID cards – it’s about curtains

This is not my idea – I saw it on a site, possibly Fark, today – and the original was worded much better than this half-remembered paraphrase, but hopefully it’ll survive my mangling: Not wanting ID cards or over-the-top state surveillance isn’t because you’re up to no good; it’s about privacy, the same way you put curtains on your windows. You don’t have curtains because you’re up to no good; you have them because having people staring into your house is annoying and occasionally creepy.





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  1. You’re right! I never thought of it like that! All those weird people we don’t like, who knows what the hell they get up to behind those shades, where decent. law-abiding folk can’t keep an eye on them! We HAVE to BAN CURTAINS RIGHT NOW!!!

  2. Have you ever seen Leon The Pig Farmer? One of the characters believes that net curtains are evil, for that very reason.

  3. Or next time someone gives you the “if you’ve got nothing to hide” line ask them innocently “why don’t you get rid of your curtains then?”

  4. tm


    I have to admit that I’ve got to the stage that I don’t make jokes like that sometimes because of the number of people who take you seriously. ;-(